Feedstitch inspiring background image

It’s beautiful when background images help you to make out the meaning of websites you’re visiting, creating a nice visual experience but also providing you an information. In this case the many coloured threads woven in a tidy rope perfectly highlight the mission of FeedStitch, an online application that lets you

pull data feeds from all over the web & stitch them into a single feed of awesome.

Your Flowing Data

Your Flowing Data is a great online app that lets you record personal data using Twitter’s direct messagge.

The project scope is simple: if you start collecting and registering tiny facts of your life every day, later you will be able to analyze the choices and behaviours your data will reveal. There are different kinds of visualizations available: Calendar, Tree map, Cloud, Time Series.

Mocapoke scrolling panels

Gradually revealing your website’s content is one of the most important trick to learn because helps your readers to easily focus on a few, relevant, informations and helps you keeping the design clean and uncluttered. One of the most common trend in grouping and progressive revealing content is making them slide using transitional effects (in this case, a quick, smooth vertical movement).

Mega Drop-Down Menu from B&Q

Even if mega drop-down menu perform better than the regular ones (at least according to this Jackob Nielsen’s study), I still don’t love them.

Except for cases like this, when, huge panels makes me understand at a glance the whole website’s taxonomy, sparing me the time of browsing endlessly from a level to another and providing a more pleasant user experience.

Muccadesign’s about page grid

Can you judge a book by its cover? And a creative agency by its about page?

I really think so: here you are a creative “about us” page form the award winning agency Muccadesign, that consists on a list of pics arranged on a simple squared grid. Faces follow your mouse movement with a nice script effect and you can read each person’s bio on a baloon that occupies exactly 4 modules.

Menu Pages expanding search form

MenuPages.com is simple: Before you go there, you come here. We’ll help you find the restaurant that’s got the food you’re craving in the neighborhood (and price range) you want. Not up for going out? Download a delivery menu from your favorite takeout place.

Being here in Milan, we cannot benefit from all this,but we still enjoy this clever search form that smoothly and instantaneously expands when you click on the advanced option (Ajax may always be blessed).

One Day Without Shoes Typographic Header

The day is coming when you can walk on your bare feet for this charitable event: people are asked to go the day (or part of if or even just a few minutes), barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand for spreading awareness about the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life in poor countries.
We love this commendable effort as well as the typographic header displayed on the corresponding website, made of layered catch phrases written in different font/size/weight.

Opptiko’s menu and boxes

We have a thing for Finnish webdesign and we sure love the global appeal of this super green website, even though we don’t master Uralic-related language: the letterpress effect has definitely made its way to our favourite text style for headers and buttons, the menu layout polished to the pixel with the pointing arrow inserting in the light gradient atop it’s brilliant and so is the complementary secondary menu box.

Culinary Culture logo


Culinary Culture is an amusing web service dedicated to people who love to cook and share with online friends their recipes and cooking advices.

This website’s layout is polished and, generaly speaking, of a high-level quality, with beautiful illustrations adorning home page’s main assets: but what hit me first, was the way the red wine glass fits into the condensed logotype.