Maison Kitsuné dresses black and white

Maison Kitsuné is

is the brainchild of Gildas Loaec & Masaya Kuroki, the meeting between a young dynamic entrepreneur from Brittany and an architecture student who switched to fashion design.

I know that b&w, minimal layouts might seem a little clichéd for you, my dear webdesign experts, but I still can’t get bored by the simple charme exuding from a single line black divider, a nice serif type or a minimal layout grid.

Add to cart button with animation is a Swedish ecommerce website (unfortunately, there isn’t yet an English version) with a sleek, edgy layout: though there are many reasons to be fond of this website, the motivation for having it showcased on Web & Patterns is its add-to-cart button.
When you click on it, a bright, trasparent rectangle appears above it and moves quickly over the page towards the cart area (top right corner), shrinking and fading.
This is obviously a minor feature, but it really shows a deep attention and care about the design of an effective user experience.

Straw Poll charts

A straw poll, generally speaking, is a vote with non mandatory results. In this case, it’s the name of an online app that lets you create tiny daily polls in 140 characters or less, using your own Twitter account.
The nice thing about this app it’s that you can vote but also add your motivation: we’re beginning to feel kind of bored with anonymous polls.

Fake letter contact form

Contact forms set on a paper, usually a grungy or stained one, are not so unusual on the web: but while text inputs are commonly aligned vertically inside the form area, in this case they’re scattered among paragraphs in a way that makes you think you’re writing a real letter. Text alignment, slightly tilted, enhances this sensation.

A Modern Eden footer

A Modern Eden is a website that will be launched on June, devoted to create iPhone apps for design-lover parents.
In anticipation of what you will get this summer, you can take a look at the beautiful collection of geometric animal illustrations and at the matching snake, wrapped around the website’s footer. rating button

Honestly, I think that is one of the best web portal ever done, on the design side I mean. My appreciation comes partly from some little clever intuitions (e.g. the avatar-button), partly because of its graphic consistency, which never slips into visual bore.
Now I’m wondering if the new Facebook like button, which is spreading webwide pretty fast, will replace the “native “rating” system or if’s guys will stuck to the orginal design.