Authentics Jobs Drop-down Form

Authentic Jobs is a job board website designed by Cameron Moll which specializes in connecting companies with creative professionals.
Candidates are easily able to filter the job listing using different kind of filters: among them, a nice drop-down form make the offers sortable by geographical proximity.

A Logo for Human Rights

The Human Rights Logo Challenge is a global contest whose aim is

to create a human rights logo “by people for people”, thus making a contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights with the support of a large public.

The contributions and their provenance are nicely displayed on a Google map.
You can submit your logo proposal until July 31st, 2011.

Wired Mind navigation

An interesting example of concept map showing the relationships among Wired Magazine contents.

In other words:

The Wired mind is a visualisation tool that provides another way to browse the content on It’s been created in partnership with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser to show off some of the great things you can do with a really fast standards-based browser. You can explore the Wired Mind by searching for tags, or by seeing the most popular tags on a particular date.

Even though it’s optimised for IE9, it works on other browsers (but very slowly) as well.

How to organize your header’s links

According to the Gestalt psychology’s Law of proximity, things that are near to each other either physycally (in this case visually) or chronologically, are likely to be perceived as related.
So, if your header accomodates different kinds of link (e.g: some for the website navigations and some for the user’s account management) it’s a good and simple UX practice organizing them unequivocally in separated layout areas.
In this case, on the left website’s navigation and on the opposite site the e-commerce cart tools.

PS This post was just a lame excuse to show covertly some cute puppies.