Romeral: a display typeface


Typies is the English version of Letritas (that’s Spanish for little letters), an interesting blog about types and design by gifted graphic and obviously type designer Juan Pablo De Gregorio.

I suppose that Juan’s involved in many projects since last post on Typies is dated June 19. So I was quite surprised this morning, when checking my rss-reader, I saw a 3-years-old post being updated. This post (with 2556 comments, is that crazy?) is about Romeral which is a thick slab serif type, free for download.

According to its creator:

Romeral is designed to produce a noticeable visual impact that invites the audience to the reading due to its sizable thickness.
Interestingly enough, the basic idea was to find a way to fill the color titles zone in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for the reading experience.

I think the update is due to the addition of an inline set of glyphs which makes Romeral more interesting and, if it’s possible, sexier.

Juan, we really thank you for sharing!

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