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Ultimate Guide to War Dragons

War Dragons

We have made the best guide for War Dragons for you which covers up everything from building your base to levelling and breeding your Dragons. These three parts are essential if you want to become a successful player. Follow all the tricks in this guide to build a better defense that is strong enough to survive the attacks of your enemies. Furthermore you will also get help on how to build a stronger team of Dragons and how to breed them correctly.

Keep your Base balanced

In War Dragons it’s the most clever to not invest all your resources into one thing. You should always keep the balance between your Defense and the Attack. This tactic requires you to invest some more resources but is also going to fasten up the progress that you do. Your goal should be to always try to have your Dragons at the maximum level possible.

For example try to unlock the red dragon as soon as your base reaches level 7 to give your Dragons more power. Below we have made a short list at what point you should unlock which type of Dragon.

  • Base Level 1~7: Red Dragon
  • Base Level 7~17: Purple Dragon
  • Base Level 17~28: Orange Dragon
  • Base Level 28~63: Green Dragon
  • Base Level 63+: Gold Dragon

Quality over Quantity for your Towers

At the beginning of War Game it will be much more useful to have just a few high levels towers than many low level ones. So before you start spreading towers over your island make sure to upgrade each one a few times before placing a new one. Try to build 3-4 key towers that are maxed out and make sure that you do not upgrade all your towers at the same time as you will be an easy target than.

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Get as much EXP as you can

Use the Daily Training Multiplier

The first 3 battles of each Dragon get’s him an additional EXP boost. You can use this boost the most efficient if you solo your opponents island. Only do this with strong dragons as you will lose too much EXP if you do not get around 80% of the base destroyed. Strong team members can also be a good help if your dragon is not strong enough to defeat the whole base on its own.

Bookmark the weakest bases

Before you start attacking a base make sure that you analyze it’s strength and find the weak points. If you do not have any problems to destroy the base make sure to bookmark it and use it as an easy EXP farming spot. Sometimes you may need to delete some of your bookmarks due to upgrades on his base. You should always look for the tower levels, how he placed them and if the island is incomplete. The more of these characteristics met with the base the easier you will have it to destroy the base.

War Dragons Gameplay

How to train your Baby Dragons?

There are two possible ways to train your baby dragons efficiently. Your baby dragons are much weaker when they just hatched than the already trained ones so make sure to not use them alone for attacks. You can place it at the beginning of the fight and swap it with another dragon directly. Another tactic is to send the baby dragon out to team joint attacks.

Place your buildings clever

Place non defense buildings close to your home base and towers. Otherwise your opponent will have a free ticket to cast his first few skills without that he took any damage. Make it as hard as possible for your enemy to generate rage as this ensures that you do not lose more buildings than you need to and resources as well.