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Straw Poll charts

A straw poll, generally speaking, is a vote with non mandatory results. In this case, it’s the name of an online app that lets you create tiny daily polls in 140 characters or less, using your own Twitter account.
The nice thing about this app it’s that you can vote but also add your motivation: we’re beginning to feel kind of bored with anonymous polls.

Your Flowing Data

Your Flowing Data is a great online app that lets you record personal data using Twitter’s direct messagge.

The project scope is simple: if you start collecting and registering tiny facts of your life every day, later you will be able to analyze the choices and behaviours your data will reveal. There are different kinds of visualizations available: Calendar, Tree map, Cloud, Time Series.

Twitter: another creative technical error page

Twitter creative error page for inspired web designers

Oh we wish Twitter crashed repeatedly so we could see more often its beautiful and creative technical error page.

But it works so damn well!

PS  This post make me sounds like a web designer trained by one of the dreadful Addams! Anyway if you’re looking for more error pages, you can also give a look here.

Peepnote’s biggest button

peepnote's biggest button

Since I’m blogging, my Twitter’s contacts are growing in a freakish way. In a while, using Peepnote, an online application developed to keep your peeps (which is this app’s lingo for Twitter’s followingorganized, will be more necessary than useful.

I love the interface’s vibrant colors and the warm appeal of the whole design, but what I really think work fine in Peepnote it’s the sign-in button.

The way my brain processed the button’s visual presence might have been, more or less, the following:

  • it’s clearly the biggest button on the scene so its size tells me, even before reading anything, that’s the one that makes the whole thing going;
  • it displays Twitter’s logo so this stuff is evidently Twitter related
  • Am I a Twitter interested person? Sure I am. So, let’s see what it’s all about.

So here you are the true story about how I’ve got hooked into using Peepnotes.




It’s an interesting idea linking the background illustration to the logo as in Readwhale home page: a social network dedicated to books (as the most famous Anobii and Shelfari), that reports automatically on Twitter updates in your library. 
To explore!

Stopdesign footer


The footer on Douglas Bowman’s blog, currently Creative Director in Twitter and, among other things, the former leader of Google Visual Design. Apart from being graphically impeccable, this is an excellent example of the increasing trend in using the bottom of the page to express something personal…in short, footers are no longer a simple layout closure, but provide contents worth reading . 

I’m a little bit perplexed seeing the search form position that, IMHO, is far too low: I think that in blogs, especially when they are so rich in contents, research should deserve greater visibility.