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Slightly rounded tabs navigation


Here you are a classy, finely shaped tab menu from Weightshift, a small studio based in San Francisco.

Though we loved this web site on the whole (the typography is great and, generally, you can catch a meticulous attention behind every detail), we liked the most the quite vertically compressed menu (since the so-called web 2.0, we usually can spot only gargantuan tabs navigation) with small rounded corner, polished by graceful overlapping circles and subdued mouse over effects.

Using a story to introduce your work


An effective, minimal and charming way to introduce your studio, your work or the philosopy underlying your materspieces could be writing it in a short introduction (or simply summarizing it with a witty quote). Even if you’re a vector virtuoso or a photoshop goddess, a nicely written text may be the way to distinguish yourself (your firm, your business, your personal recreational webpage) from many others and to make your website memorable.

A magnificent error page from Carsonified


Carsonified is really a studio we wish we could work for: we passionately follow their famous blog Think Vitamin and we admire their great style.

So we are proud to introduce you their quite famous error page based on awesome illustration and  funny copy. We love as well the heavy use of Cooper for the heading.