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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes complete Guide

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

It can be quite problematic if you want to become a top player of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Most of the top player either invest a lot of their money into the game and combine this with a few guides or just use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool.

Story Mode

The story is not limited to the light side, you can also play on the dark side as a sith. Each of these campaigns features over 9 Stages containing several different levels. So there is a lot of single player content to explore in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. During these levels you are going to farm a lot of resources and also level your characters.

Building your team

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features a lot of different heroes so take a closer look at them before deciding which you want to have in your team. If you should pack a hero which is stronger than the ones you have in your team, find the weakest one and replace it. After the new hero has gained a few levels you will see the benefits of it.

Farm Crystals

Crystals are the most valuable resource that is included in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes but you can only earn it in limited quantity. Each day you will get challenges to complete and your reward will be a few crystals per task. All in all you can earn from 165 to over 600 crystals per day if you do everything right and have a little luck.

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How to determine the Gear Level

Gear 1: White, no markings
Gear 2: Advances to green
Gear 3: Adds marking
Gear 4: Advances to blue
Gear 5: Adds marking
Gear 6: Adds marking
Gear 7: Advances to purple
Gear 8: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
Gear 9: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
Gear 10: Adds marking
Gear 11: Adds marking
Gear 12: Advances to gold

Modding your characters

This is a very important part of SWGOH as it can boost nearly any attribute of each hero by a few percents. Some attributes can be nearly boosted by 50% which is a lot. Try to give your tanks either more protection or HP to make them survive longer. Attackers should hit fast and powerful so boost their speed and damage values mainly.

Best Characters

Droid Team:

Poggle: Is one of the fastest characters available in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with 136 Speed and also decent HP. His spell “Offense Up” increases all your droids speed by 15% and make them hit more powerful.

Geonosian Soldier: Is very similar to IG86 in pretty much every aspect but it has a lower damage output. Also his buff does not stack with the one that Poggle provides so IG86 might be a better decision but is much more expensive as well.

Dooku: Is very useful against Jedi as well as Poe teams. The high speed attributes make sure that you will be able to use his spell “Lightning” which can stun your opponent.

AoE Team:

Vader: The baddest boy from SW is also one of the strongest available characters. His high HP allow him to put out his DoT’s over the enemy team and if he survives their attack he will finish them using his lightsword.

Datcha: Has good speed and damage but in addition to this he also has the ability to block attacks.

IG-88: Should only be used with characters that put DoT’s on the enemy team such as Vader.