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Filterstage menu

Il menu di Filtersage, community per cinefili

Filtersage is a community for music and/or  movie maniacs based ont the discovery of new connections between items. In the top area, the main features of its web site are combined in a very compact and clear way: global and sections navigation, search form, links to sign in and sign up forms, social and RSS buttons, links to the about us section.


il listing di Spacecollective, un progetto di condivisione del sapere sulla specie umana

Spacecollective is an ambitious project and, if we wish, even a little hazy in its premises: it’s about sharing knowledge on the human species, its environment and its future. 
Posts are arranged as if they were cards: in this way you have an interesting effect as if the contents of the contributors were presented in a gallery, kind of a showcase of thoughts.

Digg submit

Il form di segnalazione di Digg, il servizio per condividere e votare i contenuti web più interessanti

The form to submit content on Digg is really clear:

  1. it shows  the number of necessary steps (even if they are only two);
  2. labels are clear and they also function as a separator;
  3. the input text is really long so you can check if the url is correct;
  4. the combination of radio buttons and icon is visually pleasing.



I like Incspring philosophy: recycling logos and brand unsold (and unused) at a reasonable price for a start-up! 
The interface is well-designed and full of interesting details.