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A brand new ampersand every day


The ampersand was originally a ligature of the letters E and T, invented to write swiflty the latin conjunction ET, which means “and”.

Maybe because of its tensile form and its fluid swooshes the ampersand is nowadays one of the most en vogue character and quite an obsession for typophiles: so if you too are a fan, here you are  300&65 ampersand , a nice Tumblr project that displays a brand new ampersand every day.

Inspirational comments listing in Designsnack


Though comments listing are an essential asset in blog webdesign, we feel they’ve been slightly neglected here in W&P. So here you are an inspirational comments listing from Design snack, a beautiful socially-powered design gallery recently redesigned.

In this case we loved very much the bubble that comes from the avatar without disrupting the listing cohesion of the comments thread.

Subtotal ragged grid

Subtotal right ragged grid

I think this website’s grid, made of right ragged thumbs, gives us the same chaotic and urban feeling as the one inspired by illustrations themselves.

Subtotal is an artist collective’s website, formed by illustrators Grega and Jaro:

Their work finds its origins in the conjoining of various body parts, whether real or fantastic, through which numerous symbolic meanings are expressed and an imaginary world of parallel evolution is sustained.