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Funny search form for a kid search engine


A funny, nice search form for Kidsearch, a search engine that let children search and navigate safely through a directory of over 2000 sites in 3 languages (Italian, English and French) that have been visited and approved by the editorial staff . We love the “I’m feeling a lucky kid” button even though we think that a little bigger typography and maybe a pillowy treatment would have make the layout more kid friendly.

Thumbtack’s search form

Thumbtack search form

Thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services,

a free way to find new clients and manage the ones you already have. Just post your service once, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your service page will go live on Thumbtack instantly.

I love the double-decker search form that allows one to switch from the services offering to the wanted ads view in a simply, intuitive way. Fields and labels are cut to the minimum so that the result is at most readable, while a vast range of choiches are given to those who want to refine their search results.

Round-edged textfields and pleasantly colourful tabs convey a soft, good, warm feel.

Iconfinder: an icon search engine

Iconfinder: an icon search engine

I’m definitely an icon person.

I mean, I really love drawing my own icons: maybe, since I’m not a full-time icon designer, they’re not quite as perfect as those you buy on stock images websites or you can get sometimes for free online but at least they’re mine, I know how I did them and, if necessary, I can change them (see recycle them) in different contests. They’re kind of unique.

I totally agree with Verlee when she says:

I think designing icons is a discipline on its own. It’s an aspect of design that is often a bit underrated in my opinion.

Often designing a custom icon set requires time, energy, inspiration and the cost of it all has to be kept within the whole project budget, especially in these days of economic downturn. Add to this that the whole effort underlying icon design is hardly visible to most people.

But it’s absolutely worth of it.

In fact, displaying a good icon set plays a fundamental role in web design and users’ perception: an icon can activate a dumb blank space, express an idea that otherwise will require a long text explanation, being images such a concise story tellers. Images and icons as well are able to draw user’s attention or add evidence and put emphasis on texts, menus, form fields…

So if:

  • you have to be a fast delivery guy or
  • you just want to set quickly a prototype up or
  • you’re fed up with your project/client and you want to cut the chase or
  • you’re just NOT a bitter masochistic web designer as I am,

you might use some help: Iconfinder is for you.

Iconfinder is a pretty unique search engine dedicated to icons and, since it’s not exactly the new kid on the block,  many of you might already know it.  You can both search or browse for icons and almost all the results of your quest will be free for commercial use.

By the way, I find the website’s logo and the favicon really stunning.

Have an awesome day.

Expopedia’s form

expopedia a search engine for tradefairs

Expopedia is basically a search engine for tradefairs that:

facilitates and enhances international cooperation between buyers and service suppliers on different levels and lets all of them save money, time and energy

When it comes to build such a website, which essentially is a search related service, being able to design a good form is vital not only for the user experience but, most of all, for the business itself.

Expopedia’s form is divided into 3 chunks so the task of filling the fields in is made easier and faster. Although the form is unremarkably complex, website’s designer took care to provide extra information creating a graphic wizard that illustrates each step.