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Straw Poll charts

A straw poll, generally speaking, is a vote with non mandatory results. In this case, it’s the name of an online app that lets you create tiny daily polls in 140 characters or less, using your own Twitter account.
The nice thing about this app it’s that you can vote but also add your motivation: we’re beginning to feel kind of bored with anonymous polls.

Feedstitch inspiring background image

It’s beautiful when background images help you to make out the meaning of websites you’re visiting, creating a nice visual experience but also providing you an information. In this case the many coloured threads woven in a tidy rope perfectly highlight the mission of FeedStitch, an online application that lets you

pull data feeds from all over the web & stitch them into a single feed of awesome.

Your Flowing Data

Your Flowing Data is a great online app that lets you record personal data using Twitter’s direct messagge.

The project scope is simple: if you start collecting and registering tiny facts of your life every day, later you will be able to analyze the choices and behaviours your data will reveal. There are different kinds of visualizations available: Calendar, Tree map, Cloud, Time Series.

Thumbtack’s search form

Thumbtack search form

Thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services,

a free way to find new clients and manage the ones you already have. Just post your service once, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your service page will go live on Thumbtack instantly.

I love the double-decker search form that allows one to switch from the services offering to the wanted ads view in a simply, intuitive way. Fields and labels are cut to the minimum so that the result is at most readable, while a vast range of choiches are given to those who want to refine their search results.

Round-edged textfields and pleasantly colourful tabs convey a soft, good, warm feel.

Peepnote’s biggest button

peepnote's biggest button

Since I’m blogging, my Twitter’s contacts are growing in a freakish way. In a while, using Peepnote, an online application developed to keep your peeps (which is this app’s lingo for Twitter’s followingorganized, will be more necessary than useful.

I love the interface’s vibrant colors and the warm appeal of the whole design, but what I really think work fine in Peepnote it’s the sign-in button.

The way my brain processed the button’s visual presence might have been, more or less, the following:

  • it’s clearly the biggest button on the scene so its size tells me, even before reading anything, that’s the one that makes the whole thing going;
  • it displays Twitter’s logo so this stuff is evidently Twitter related
  • Am I a Twitter interested person? Sure I am. So, let’s see what it’s all about.

So here you are the true story about how I’ve got hooked into using Peepnotes.

An integrated map navigation system

ontheroad an interactive map navigation system

To be true, we should rename this category “menu & navigation systems“, so don’t worry if you find this post slightly off-topic.

For now, I just want to show you this clever navigation system implemented by OnTheRoad.

OnTheRoad is essentially an online travel journal that lets you to keep trace of your trips uploading, via mobile or email, your journey’s memories, photos, vids as soon as you write/shoot them . So you can share your experiences immediately with your friends and they’ll be able to track your route all over the world. A smart nice app, isn’t it?

What I like the most is the single trip menu navigation.

You can start by clicking one of the pins on the map that will pulse gently while contents in the right frame scroll down untill they reach the corresponding journey step. Or you can opt  for scanning the chronological list of events using the arrows on the top left corner or the marks on the top page slider (every single mark stands for a single stage and the length of the following segment is proportional to the time spent thereby). Regardless of your choice, all the navigation tools will update in sync at every interaction in a smart way.