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Tags: one-page website

Smooth Animations Make Stunning Illustrations Move in Ajax & Effects
Bright and shiny footer design in Footers
Introduce Yourself in Backgrounds

Monsterbusters in Backgrounds,Copywriting,Menu & Navigation
Architecturally Planned Website in Grids & Listings
Make Your Grid Visible in Backgrounds,Grids & Listings

You’re the Hot to my Dog in Backgrounds
Boom. Send it. in Copywriting,Forms
Co:pywriting in Copywriting

The power of Web Open Font Format in Backgrounds,Typography
A scrolling background working as breadcrumb trail in Backgrounds,Breadcrumbs,Menu & Navigation
Social Snack contact form in Forms

The End: funny footer from Fridgeworks in Copywriting,Footers
Mutant Labs’ company logo in Logos
Stunning background illustrations from Atomic Cartoons in Backgrounds

Mobily’s pagination in Ajax & Effects,Paginations
Evanto’s folded tabs in Comments & Call-out
Dale Harris pins in Buttons, Bullets & Badges

Fred Maya in Footers
Vanity Claire in Menu & Navigation
Alexarts in Forms

New in creative in Menu & Navigation
Search inside video icons in Icons
The great bearded reef in Backgrounds

Think Orange in Backgrounds
Smile Crocodile in Forms
Gofreelance portraits in Backgrounds

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