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Introduce Yourself

The first thing you’ll need to do, when meeting an unknown audience, is obviously to introduce yourself.
You’ll have to do it also in your website. In this case, illustrator and webdesigner Jacob Souva is introducing himself using an old photo of himself as a kid, framed by concentric circles, conveying a warm and friendly feeling.

A scrolling background working as breadcrumb trail

We’ve already showcased a few examples of one-page website design but what makes this one memorable is the little rectangular hole “cut” in the upper left corner, exposing the scrolling background and working as breadcrumb trail:
when you click on the menu, the page scrolls vertically and when it stops, the title section can be seen through this tiny window .

Mobily’s pagination

Mobily's portfolio pagination

Mobily’s website oddly mixes main navigation (home, about me, contact) with portfolio’s pagination (previous/next).

That’s kind a strange and incorrect from a stricly functionalistic standpoint, but, being this website an one-page website, rather easy to navigate, I don’t think it’s a big deal if the designer wanted to shuffle things a little . Aside form that, the ajax horizontal sliding it’s quite enjoyable (if you don’t click too fast, otherwise it will make you feel dizzy).

Evanto’s folded tabs

Evanto folded tabs and icons

Evanto‘s guys are super cool designer with a taste for clean and well-organized pages, with tight leading and big body texts.

When I first saw these extra sleek folded tabs hanging on the left, I instantly loved them: they’re not only a pleasant graphic element but they also really help you scanning through the page.

In fact, the layout is cut into horizontal stripes, each one containing the description of one of many Evanto’s websites. For each stripe you see a tab, bent to 90°  that carries the icon logo of  the corresponding website: so the vertical and steady sequence of tabs, balancing the basically horizontal  layout setting, draws users attention pushing us into following the path and scrolling the entire page.