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A Modern Eden footer

A Modern Eden is a website that will be launched on June, devoted to create iPhone apps for design-lover parents.
In anticipation of what you will get this summer, you can take a look at the beautiful collection of geometric animal illustrations and at the matching snake, wrapped around the website’s footer.

Slightly transparent play button from Tapbots


Here you are a slighlty transparent play button that nicely fits in the overtly hi-tech layout of Pastebot’swebsite. For the ones interested in Iphone apps, we can add that Pastebot is the last creation released by Tapbots factory,

a powerful clipboard manager that stores text & images copied from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Organize, apply filters to, and copy clippings to be pasted or sent to other apps.

ViXML background

ViXML background illustration

ViXML is a supposedly simple platform for interactive designers who want to create dynamic contents for Iphone apps with first-class graphics and complex scenes. That’s really great but before I knew it, I was attired by its huge website illustration, extremely rich in details, with a sort of surreal touch and a rather Gondry-ish imaginary.

The thing I love the most its the way it organically expands from left to right: couple on the boat looking at the city → city being hovered by a baloon → baloon flashing Iphone upper left corner  → Iphone screen framing the illustration itself.

Broadersheet logo

broadersheet iphione application logo

After a long vacation (?) break, we’re back to work with our thorough review of best inspirational components on the Web.

For the first post after having switched to English, we’d like to show you Broadersheet logo, which basically consists in a thick slab serif  ”b”  levitating over a heap of newspapers.

Broadersheet is a supposedly useful Iphone application that keeps you informed only with news that are relevant to you, avoiding that excessive information flood which somehow is related to RSS technology.