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Introduce Yourself

The first thing you’ll need to do, when meeting an unknown audience, is obviously to introduce yourself.
You’ll have to do it also in your website. In this case, illustrator and webdesigner Jacob Souva is introducing himself using an old photo of himself as a kid, framed by concentric circles, conveying a warm and friendly feeling.

Fudge Photoshop-like layout

Fudge agency layout and ajax controls

We love so much Fudge Studios’ layout that we wonder whether we have to be happy for or just loathe the fact a new website is coming up.

This website simulates a photoshop (or generally a graphic editor) workspace soooo well that becomes difficult, if not impossible, writing what we’ve liked most.

The favicon shaped as a precise picker cursor? The cyan guides? The transparency grid used as a background or the cursor’s blinking in the fake text-area?

I know it sounds quite naive but I do love the way images scroll down when you roll the mouse wheel: ok it’s a quite obvious ajax effect, but, nonetheless, in this context, looks like a very smart choice.

Zaraillustrates’ minimal layout

Zaraillustrates website's grid and illustrations

Zara Picken‘s a Bristol-based illustrator that brings us back to the magic Fifties with her clean, marvelous illustration style.

Aside from that, we definitely love Zara’s website structural rigor: broad wide spaces are cut into columns and rows simply by black/gray lines while circle shapes of various kinds play a major role in grabbing user’s attention and to mitigate the otherwise too rigid elements organisation.

In fact:

  • a black circle is used to create this website’s logo;
  • semi-circle shapes, jutting out from the layout , emphasize slideshow’s arrows;
  • big gray bullets encircle posts date.