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Letter Playground

Letter Playground, a typograpic inspiration web site

Had I time, I’d sure join Letter Playground, a typographic inspirational community where users are dared to find out new ways to draw glyphs.

According to web site stats, the letter people are currently playing the most with is A:  if you want to know why or simply keep up-to-date with this lively community  you can become a fan on Facebook.


Colectiva rating

Il sistema di rating nel blog di Colectiva, una agenzia creativa sudamericana

The peculiarity of the rating system in Colectiva’s blog, a creative agency based in Guatemala, is that as you move the mouse over the heart icons to vote, they read FRESH. It’s a simple idea that diversifies the design of a component otherwise pretty similar to others.

Oursignal Buzz Cloud

La cloud di Oursignal che raccoglie i siti più visti secondo digg, reddit, del.icio.us, hackernews e yahoo buzz

Oursignal is one of my favorite websites ever: according to an algorithm developed by Stateless Systems, the top most viewed pages in digg, reddit, del.icio.us, hackernews and yahoo buzz are presented as one page grid .

The size of each box is proportional to the relative number of votes while background colours represent the degree of hotness of the link, e.g the speed at which the buzz is exapndind in the network. Pages already visited are indicated with a striked link.

To get a preview of the link, simply move the mouse over the elements and, if you want, the preview can be disabled in the settings.

Web & Patterns was featured on on Oursignal June the 23th.