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Inspirational comments listing in Designsnack


Though comments listing are an essential asset in blog webdesign, we feel they’ve been slightly neglected here in W&P. So here you are an inspirational comments listing from Design snack, a beautiful socially-powered design gallery recently redesigned.

In this case we loved very much the bubble that comes from the avatar without disrupting the listing cohesion of the comments thread.

Glaswgow collective

I breadcrumbs di The Glasgow Collective, una raccolte di opere di studenti della Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow Collective is a gallery that contains works by students of Glasgow School of Art 

The web site is well done and the breadcrumbs are well set: the claim “you are here” immediately attracts the eye and the shape of arrows is pleasant. 
On the other hand, I don’t find proper using the same shape both as a symbol in the breadcrumbs trail and as a button in the tab navigation of the artist page.