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Last.fm rating button

Honestly, I think that Last.fm is one of the best web portal ever done, on the design side I mean. My appreciation comes partly from some little clever intuitions (e.g. the avatar-button), partly because of its graphic consistency, which never slips into visual bore.
Now I’m wondering if the new Facebook like button, which is spreading webwide pretty fast, will replace the “native “rating” system or if Last.fm’s guys will stuck to the orginal design.

Culinary Culture logo


Culinary Culture is an amusing web service dedicated to people who love to cook and share with online friends their recipes and cooking advices.

This website’s layout is polished and, generaly speaking, of a high-level quality, with beautiful illustrations adorning home page’s main assets: but what hit me first, was the way the red wine glass fits into the condensed logotype.

Inspiring mug logo and boxes from Art in My Coffee


Art in My Coffee is a Tumblr blog and community which catalogs funny latte pics from all around the world. We love the delicatly shaped mug and the general warm, caffeinated color scheme: besides we couldn’t expect less since it’s been designed by Meagan Fisher, the mastermind  behind  Owltastic.

Uannabe inspiring logo


Uannabe (that’s an italianish spelling for the English Wanna Be) it’s basically an italian job board/community that displays in every detail a real high quality design.

We really enjoyed the prince-frog logo (frogs lately became quite a trend in logo design, don’t you agree?): the execution is impeccable and the concept rocks.

Virb’s fine icons

Virb's fine icons

When Virb was launched, people acclaimed it as a sort of new Myspace. Actually, time has proved it’s much more: Virb is a very smart and elegant multi-media collective purpose-built for creative people who want to share online their arts, photography, music…

Since the main audience is likely to be composed by enthusiastic and, let’s say, artistically committed users, Virb’s layout is very polished, graphics are discreet and elegantly depicted with soft and light tones so that the website’s global appeal is totally soothing and classy.

Said that, let’s speak about what I really like in Virb’s homepage: as you can see there are two sets of icons drawn in two different styles. Well I love both, but mostly I love the way they work together.

The first icon set is light blue and delicatly drawn, it does not stand out much and illustrates textual content, without overwhelming it.

The second one is really eye catchy with thicker contour lines, vibrant colors such as cyan and magenta and a touch of glossy: these icons’ duty is not of standing peacefully and quietly beside content but, on the opposite, they’re supposed to shout out loud: “Hey Folks, pay attention to this!”.

Youth4bridge’s menu

Youth4bridge buttons menu

When you’re in charge of designing a website, the first and foremost thing to do is understanding what kind of audience is expected, who are your readers and which level of web or digital awareness they have. According to the results of this first and fundamental enquiry, you can decide which style is the best.

When I first saw Youth4bridge‘s menu (a website dedicate to the “exciting world of bridge”), I thought that its menu really speaks clearly and loudly and doesn’t want absolutely to be misunderstood: big rounded buttons strongly contrasted are, not very gracefully, lined up on the top right page. When you hover over them with your mouse a sturdy dark blue dropdown menu appears with big labels in it. The current active page is higlighted by a beveled graphic treatment and every major graphic element is clearly detached from another.

So, I think that Youth4bridge’ s designer(s) first decided they have to communicate in a direct and not too refined way and then accorded consistently their style to website’s and users’ goals (though the latters don’t have necessarily to coincide with the former).

Evanto’s folded tabs

Evanto folded tabs and icons

Evanto‘s guys are super cool designer with a taste for clean and well-organized pages, with tight leading and big body texts.

When I first saw these extra sleek folded tabs hanging on the left, I instantly loved them: they’re not only a pleasant graphic element but they also really help you scanning through the page.

In fact, the layout is cut into horizontal stripes, each one containing the description of one of many Evanto’s websites. For each stripe you see a tab, bent to 90°  that carries the icon logo of  the corresponding website: so the vertical and steady sequence of tabs, balancing the basically horizontal  layout setting, draws users attention pushing us into following the path and scrolling the entire page.

Letter Playground

Letter Playground, a typograpic inspiration web site

Had I time, I’d sure join Letter Playground, a typographic inspirational community where users are dared to find out new ways to draw glyphs.

According to web site stats, the letter people are currently playing the most with is A:  if you want to know why or simply keep up-to-date with this lively community  you can become a fan on Facebook.


Filterstage menu

Il menu di Filtersage, community per cinefili

Filtersage is a community for music and/or  movie maniacs based ont the discovery of new connections between items. In the top area, the main features of its web site are combined in a very compact and clear way: global and sections navigation, search form, links to sign in and sign up forms, social and RSS buttons, links to the about us section.

Glaswgow collective

I breadcrumbs di The Glasgow Collective, una raccolte di opere di studenti della Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow Collective is a gallery that contains works by students of Glasgow School of Art 

The web site is well done and the breadcrumbs are well set: the claim “you are here” immediately attracts the eye and the shape of arrows is pleasant. 
On the other hand, I don’t find proper using the same shape both as a symbol in the breadcrumbs trail and as a button in the tab navigation of the artist page.

Geopage search

Il form di Geopage, una guida online alle più famose città americane

Search forms are an essential component in web services dedicated to the discovery of resources in a given locality (they mostly rely on Google Maps,)

In the case of Geopage, apart from the general aesthetic context, I liked the default value of the input text, which immediately explains what can and should be sought in the product. 
Products similar to Geopage are  PatchRatemyarea e Uncover.


il listing di Spacecollective, un progetto di condivisione del sapere sulla specie umana

Spacecollective is an ambitious project and, if we wish, even a little hazy in its premises: it’s about sharing knowledge on the human species, its environment and its future. 
Posts are arranged as if they were cards: in this way you have an interesting effect as if the contents of the contributors were presented in a gallery, kind of a showcase of thoughts.