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One column attitude

I find black and white layouts so sexy: especially when, like in this case, text is center aligned, set in a large column, with big leading and with small, lovely serifed numerals.

As for the contents, Inventory Magazine is a trendy publication dedicated to featuring on some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry, as well as editorials, reviews and original photography.

Coolhunting: two navigation tricks

I was casually browsing on Coolhunting when I noticed two simple navigation features I really liked.

A collapse and expanding option: huge headlines and/or long summaries are a steady trend in nowadays websites (or is this all simply a plot to force us into buying bigger screen?) so it’s good having a feature that let you skim easily through the page by collapsing unrequired data.

A nicely shaped tag cloud: nothing really unusual, just a simple list of tags, neatly disposed into “little bricks”. Instead of the usual more-for-the-SEO-than-the-user heap of links, this tag cloud really offers an alternative to the main navigation.

Maison Kitsuné dresses black and white

Maison Kitsuné is

is the brainchild of Gildas Loaec & Masaya Kuroki, the meeting between a young dynamic entrepreneur from Brittany and an architecture student who switched to fashion design.

I know that b&w, minimal layouts might seem a little clichéd for you, my dear webdesign experts, but I still can’t get bored by the simple charme exuding from a single line black divider, a nice serif type or a minimal layout grid.

Zaraillustrates’ minimal layout

Zaraillustrates website's grid and illustrations

Zara Picken‘s a Bristol-based illustrator that brings us back to the magic Fifties with her clean, marvelous illustration style.

Aside from that, we definitely love Zara’s website structural rigor: broad wide spaces are cut into columns and rows simply by black/gray lines while circle shapes of various kinds play a major role in grabbing user’s attention and to mitigate the otherwise too rigid elements organisation.

In fact:

  • a black circle is used to create this website’s logo;
  • semi-circle shapes, jutting out from the layout , emphasize slideshow’s arrows;
  • big gray bullets encircle posts date.