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Bill Gates’ notes navigation: a metaphor


I really can’t remember why (serendipity, I’d suppose) but recently I’ve stumbled into the Gates’ notes, the website that spreads probably worldwide most famous mogul’s thoughts about the matters such as philanthropy, climats, development…

Apart from the fact that the whole thing is written in the third person, which really gives me the creeps, I’ve  found interesting the curved and tortuous menu that reflects the complex and multilayered site’s structure.

Despite a slight dislike due to the visual treatment (one for of all,  typography is really too small), I’ve found myself clicking on it several time, wondering how come an interface could work notwithstanding its lack of appeal: so I’ve realized that what I was really appreciating, was the metaphor it embodies; the nested graphics that appear/disappear when you click, make the menu exapanding and unravelling in parallel with your travel through Bill’s thoughts progresses, drawing kind of a map of your steps.

So what I really wanted to say is that if you find a good metaphor you can somehow visually express, it could turn out to be a really powerful trick to keep your audience hooked no matter if they like your style or not.