It’s an interesting idea linking the background illustration to the logo as in Readwhale home page: a social network dedicated to books (as the most famous Anobii and Shelfari), that reports automatically on Twitter updates in your library. 
To explore!

Stopdesign footer


The footer on Douglas Bowman’s blog, currently Creative Director in Twitter and, among other things, the former leader of Google Visual Design. Apart from being graphically impeccable, this is an excellent example of the increasing trend in using the bottom of the page to express something personal…in short, footers are no longer a simple layout closure, but provide contents worth reading . 

I’m a little bit perplexed seeing the search form position that, IMHO, is far too low: I think that in blogs, especially when they are so rich in contents, research should deserve greater visibility.

Delicious path


Delicious designers have created a strange hybrid of breadcrumbs and form:  user can see  sites associated with a tag, write the name in a text input queued to the breadcrumbs path. 

After sending data, the input text is transformed into a path link, in a process that virtually could keep go on going until the last nesting level.

Apple path


Apple breadcrumbs trail is not used consistently within the website and , among other things, there are two slightly different version of it: 

  1. in the online store is located at the top and the path first link is a house shaped icon that leads to subdomain; 
  2. in the “real” website is placed at the bottom of the page, just before the footer;  the icon used is the famous apple logo icon, which links back to main domain ( home page.

    Guardian online


    The Guardian online offers an interesting example of  breadcrumb navigation used not only for the purpose of showing the current website section, but also its possible subsections (Politics, Business, Health are indeed subsections News). 

    Vivid colors are applied to graphic elements and titles of each section, in contrast to the majority of online newspapers that tend to use a few colors, strict grids and absolute minimalism.


    Purplerockscissors website is clear, consistent and show an interesting use of Futura ExtraBold. 

    For those who want to build a sliding portfolio, I recomend this example, where all is well calibrated and the tab “view now” lays on the bottom right, without spoiling the cleanliness of the whole.

    Pagine che collassano.


    These  panels that slide side to keep out the three fundamental pages of the site are quite of interest. 

    One could apply this system to present search engine results, listing, for example, in the main page lists the textual elements, and putting video, maps, images in other pages.