Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Hello folks, today we will be talking about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. You are going to get all the informations that are important to go through the game without any problems.

About the Battle Chess Board

The battle chess looks somewhat similar to Monopoly as you can get 1 to 6 steps on the board there. The same counts for DBZ Dokkan Battle, you will get three different sep choices who can vary from 1 to 6 steps. Use the numbers wisely as you will need them to collect several different items on the map or avoid them.

  • Blue Capsules – Support items as HP recovery, reduce opponents DEF or change KI color.
  • Red Capsules – Training items that are used to level up your characters.
  • Purple Capsules – Medals which are needed to awaken characters.
  • Power Up – Will improve the KI of a random character by a small amount.
  • Grey Coin – Gives you a few Zeni.
  • ? – Is random and can be replaced with every other icon except the boss battle.
  • Yellow Cloud – Takes you to the next area.
  • Aiming Icon – You will take damage if you land on this icon so try to avoid it.
  • Boss Battle – Is the final battle of every map and you can not avoid it.

Try to find as many battles as you can by landing on their icons if you want to gain more experience.

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Class Types

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle contains five different types of classes. Each character is classified into one of these 5 classes:

  • PHY
  • STR
  • TEQ
  • AGL
  • INT


Use the classes to your advantage and try to counter your opponent for some bonus damage. In some battles this can be your key to success so try to use it as often as you can.

The Battles

Before you enter a battle you will have the choice to select a few allies that you can team up with. Make sure to choose a team which is strong agains the enemies you are facing in the following level.

As the battle starts you will see a lot of different coloured spheres in front of you. Depending on what class the character that is fighting for you is you have to choose the color of spheres. For example if you have a Vegeta which is classified in green (TEQ) try to only use the green spheres to deal maximum damage.

You should also keep an eye on how many spheres you can match. You should not start a attack by only matching 2 spheres. In total you can match up a maximum of 5 spheres. Make sure to use the multi-colored ones as well as they count as the color you are using.

Super Saiyajin Vegeta Dokkan Battle

The Power Meter

Once you have filled the power meter completely you can use it to release a very powerful attack that deals a lot of damage to your opponent. The more spheres you collect in each turn the higher chances you have to release the attack during the battle. Some characters will unlock their special attack much quicker than some others but they will be less powerful mostly.

Link Skills

By placing characters next to each other they got the chance to link up to each other. All they need to do this is to have the same skill. Below you can find all the benefits you can get by linking different characters to each other.

Link SkillEffect
All in the Family+2000 DEF
Android Assault+1000 DEF
Attack of the Clones+1 Ki
Battlefield Diva+2 Ki
BerserkerATK +20% when HP is 10% or below
Best Buddies+1 Ki
Big Bad BossesATK +25% when HP is 10% or below
BombardmentATK +15%
Brainiacs+300 ATK, +1000 DEF
Brutal Beatdown+500 ATK
Cold Judgement+300 ATK
Cool Judgement+300 ATK
Courage+1 Ki
Coward+1 Ki
Crane School+500 ATK
Demon+1 Ki
Demon Duo+20% ATK
Dodon Ray+2000 ATK when using Super Attack
Evil Autocrats+1 Ki
Family Ties+2 Ki
Flee+1 Ki when HP is 20% or below
Frieza’s Army+1000 DEF
Frieza’s Minion+300 ATK
Gaze of Respect+2 Ki
Gentleman+2 Ki
Golden WarriorKi +1
Opponent DEF -2000
Hero+20% DEF
InfighterOpponent DEF -5%
Kamehameha+2500 ATK when using Super Attack
Master and Pupil+1 Ki
Mechanical Menaces+1 Ki
Messenger from the Future+500 ATK
MetamorphosisHP recovery +5%
Money Money Money+1 Ki
More than Meets the Eye+300 ATK
NamekiansHP recovery +5%
New+200 ATK
Over 9000ATK +10%
Prodigies+700 ATK
Respect+500 ATK
Revival+2 Ki
Rival Duo-1000 DEf on attacked enemies +500 ATK
RR Army+300 ATK
Saiyan Pride+15% ATK
Saiyan Warrior Race+700 ATK
Shocking Speed+2 Ki
Sibling+1 Ki
Speedy Retribution+300 ATK
Strongest Clan in Space+2 Ki
Strongest Duo on Earth+10% ATK
Super Saiyan+10% ATK
Supreme Warrior+1 Ki
Tag Team of Terror+500 ATK
Team Bardock+1 Ki
TelekinesisOpponent DEF – 10%
The Ginyu Force+25% ATK
The Hercule Family+1 Ki
The Innocents+10% ATK
The Vegeta Family+1 Ki
Thirst for Conquest+15% ATK
Tough as Nails+1500 DEF
Turtle School+500 ATK & +500 DEF
Twin Terrors+2 Ki
Universe’s Most Malevolent+15% ATK
World Tournament Champion+1 Ki
World Tournament Reborn+1 Ki