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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Hello folks, today we will be talking about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. You are going to get all the informations that are important to go through the game without any problems.

About the Battle Chess Board

The battle chess looks somewhat similar to Monopoly as you can get 1 to 6 steps on the board there. The same counts for DBZ Dokkan Battle, you will get three different sep choices who can vary from 1 to 6 steps. Use the numbers wisely as you will need them to collect several different items on the map or avoid them.

  • Blue Capsules – Support items as HP recovery, reduce opponents DEF or change KI color.
  • Red Capsules – Training items that are used to level up your characters.
  • Purple Capsules – Medals which are needed to awaken characters.
  • Power Up – Will improve the KI of a random character by a small amount.
  • Grey Coin – Gives you a few Zeni.
  • ? – Is random and can be replaced with every other icon except the boss battle.
  • Yellow Cloud – Takes you to the next area.
  • Aiming Icon – You will take damage if you land on this icon so try to avoid it.
  • Boss Battle – Is the final battle of every map and you can not avoid it.

Try to find as many battles as you can by landing on their icons if you want to gain more experience.

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Class Types

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle contains five different types of classes. Each character is classified into one of these 5 classes:

  • PHY
  • STR
  • TEQ
  • AGL
  • INT


Use the classes to your advantage and try to counter your opponent for some bonus damage. In some battles this can be your key to success so try to use it as often as you can.

The Battles

Before you enter a battle you will have the choice to select a few allies that you can team up with. Make sure to choose a team which is strong agains the enemies you are facing in the following level.

As the battle starts you will see a lot of different coloured spheres in front of you. Depending on what class the character that is fighting for you is you have to choose the color of spheres. For example if you have a Vegeta which is classified in green (TEQ) try to only use the green spheres to deal maximum damage.

You should also keep an eye on how many spheres you can match. You should not start a attack by only matching 2 spheres. In total you can match up a maximum of 5 spheres. Make sure to use the multi-colored ones as well as they count as the color you are using.

Super Saiyajin Vegeta Dokkan Battle

The Power Meter

Once you have filled the power meter completely you can use it to release a very powerful attack that deals a lot of damage to your opponent. The more spheres you collect in each turn the higher chances you have to release the attack during the battle. Some characters will unlock their special attack much quicker than some others but they will be less powerful mostly.

Link Skills

By placing characters next to each other they got the chance to link up to each other. All they need to do this is to have the same skill. Below you can find all the benefits you can get by linking different characters to each other.

Link SkillEffect
All in the Family+2000 DEF
Android Assault+1000 DEF
Attack of the Clones+1 Ki
Battlefield Diva+2 Ki
BerserkerATK +20% when HP is 10% or below
Best Buddies+1 Ki
Big Bad BossesATK +25% when HP is 10% or below
BombardmentATK +15%
Brainiacs+300 ATK, +1000 DEF
Brutal Beatdown+500 ATK
Cold Judgement+300 ATK
Cool Judgement+300 ATK
Courage+1 Ki
Coward+1 Ki
Crane School+500 ATK
Demon+1 Ki
Demon Duo+20% ATK
Dodon Ray+2000 ATK when using Super Attack
Evil Autocrats+1 Ki
Family Ties+2 Ki
Flee+1 Ki when HP is 20% or below
Frieza’s Army+1000 DEF
Frieza’s Minion+300 ATK
Gaze of Respect+2 Ki
Gentleman+2 Ki
Golden WarriorKi +1
Opponent DEF -2000
Hero+20% DEF
InfighterOpponent DEF -5%
Kamehameha+2500 ATK when using Super Attack
Master and Pupil+1 Ki
Mechanical Menaces+1 Ki
Messenger from the Future+500 ATK
MetamorphosisHP recovery +5%
Money Money Money+1 Ki
More than Meets the Eye+300 ATK
NamekiansHP recovery +5%
New+200 ATK
Over 9000ATK +10%
Prodigies+700 ATK
Respect+500 ATK
Revival+2 Ki
Rival Duo-1000 DEf on attacked enemies +500 ATK
RR Army+300 ATK
Saiyan Pride+15% ATK
Saiyan Warrior Race+700 ATK
Shocking Speed+2 Ki
Sibling+1 Ki
Speedy Retribution+300 ATK
Strongest Clan in Space+2 Ki
Strongest Duo on Earth+10% ATK
Super Saiyan+10% ATK
Supreme Warrior+1 Ki
Tag Team of Terror+500 ATK
Team Bardock+1 Ki
TelekinesisOpponent DEF – 10%
The Ginyu Force+25% ATK
The Hercule Family+1 Ki
The Innocents+10% ATK
The Vegeta Family+1 Ki
Thirst for Conquest+15% ATK
Tough as Nails+1500 DEF
Turtle School+500 ATK & +500 DEF
Twin Terrors+2 Ki
Universe’s Most Malevolent+15% ATK
World Tournament Champion+1 Ki
World Tournament Reborn+1 Ki

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival best Tricks to become a better Survivor

The Walking Dead Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the mobile game to the popular TV show. You have the same goal as the characters in the series: surviving. To make that possible you have to Level up your characters and use your resources as efficient as you can. As Walking Dead Road to Survival offers you a lot of content you can have fun over countless of hours beating one horde of zombies after another.

How to power up your Team?

You can make your allies stronger on many different ways. The one that probably took the longest if you only try to level them by gaining EXP from levels. This is not a bad tactic but you can improve it with a few tweaks. Levels sometimes give you a new survivor as reward if this is rated with one to two stars you should sacrifice it to another one who got a better rating. Two Star rated survivors might be more rare than one star rated ones but they will also give them much more experience in return. So to get the most out of this tactic try to sacrifice all your Survivors with a 2 star rating or below. This will give your team a big EXP boost and give them additional strength to beat the next levels.

For even better results try to only sacrifice characters of the same personality type. Let’s say you want to Level up a character that got the personality type Peacemaker. If you going to sacrifice another character with the same personality you will always have a little chance to upgrade the character to the next level immediately.

Building a Team in the beginning

You should all know that building a team in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a ongoing process that really never stops as there is always something to improve. At the beginning of the game it is very important to save every coin you get as a reward. After you collected a certain amount of Coins you can start using them to recruit rare troops which are rated with 3 stars or more. These characters are very powerful in the beginning and will make it much easier for you to play through all the different missions.

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Balance your team

All survivors are separated into four different traits. Each of the traits is weak and strong to another one. The available traits are Tough (blue), Alert (red), Fast (yellow) and Strong (green). Below we have made a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each trait.


Note: Most zombies do not have any trait but all the survivors that you are going to fight during the game have one.

Walking Dead Road to Survival iOS

Collect missing Items for Upgrades

Do you know what the easiest way is to collect items that are missing to upgrade your character? At first you need to have a look at the upgrade menu and have a look at the missing item. Once you have clicked on it, than you can see in what levels you got the chance to collect the item. Play the levels until you have dropped the item and use it to upgrade your character immediately.

Free Coins for everyone

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes complete Guide

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

It can be quite problematic if you want to become a top player of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Most of the top player either invest a lot of their money into the game and combine this with a few guides or just use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool.

Story Mode

The story is not limited to the light side, you can also play on the dark side as a sith. Each of these campaigns features over 9 Stages containing several different levels. So there is a lot of single player content to explore in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. During these levels you are going to farm a lot of resources and also level your characters.

Building your team

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features a lot of different heroes so take a closer look at them before deciding which you want to have in your team. If you should pack a hero which is stronger than the ones you have in your team, find the weakest one and replace it. After the new hero has gained a few levels you will see the benefits of it.

Farm Crystals

Crystals are the most valuable resource that is included in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes but you can only earn it in limited quantity. Each day you will get challenges to complete and your reward will be a few crystals per task. All in all you can earn from 165 to over 600 crystals per day if you do everything right and have a little luck.

For those of you that are not comfortable with the amount of crystals can go to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack here and generate yourself hundreds of thousands crystals every day.

How to determine the Gear Level

Gear 1: White, no markings
Gear 2: Advances to green
Gear 3: Adds marking
Gear 4: Advances to blue
Gear 5: Adds marking
Gear 6: Adds marking
Gear 7: Advances to purple
Gear 8: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
Gear 9: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
Gear 10: Adds marking
Gear 11: Adds marking
Gear 12: Advances to gold

Modding your characters

This is a very important part of SWGOH as it can boost nearly any attribute of each hero by a few percents. Some attributes can be nearly boosted by 50% which is a lot. Try to give your tanks either more protection or HP to make them survive longer. Attackers should hit fast and powerful so boost their speed and damage values mainly.

Best Characters

Droid Team:

Poggle: Is one of the fastest characters available in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with 136 Speed and also decent HP. His spell “Offense Up” increases all your droids speed by 15% and make them hit more powerful.

Geonosian Soldier: Is very similar to IG86 in pretty much every aspect but it has a lower damage output. Also his buff does not stack with the one that Poggle provides so IG86 might be a better decision but is much more expensive as well.

Dooku: Is very useful against Jedi as well as Poe teams. The high speed attributes make sure that you will be able to use his spell “Lightning” which can stun your opponent.

AoE Team:

Vader: The baddest boy from SW is also one of the strongest available characters. His high HP allow him to put out his DoT’s over the enemy team and if he survives their attack he will finish them using his lightsword.

Datcha: Has good speed and damage but in addition to this he also has the ability to block attacks.

IG-88: Should only be used with characters that put DoT’s on the enemy team such as Vader.

Ultimate Guide to War Dragons

War Dragons

We have made the best guide for War Dragons for you which covers up everything from building your base to levelling and breeding your Dragons. These three parts are essential if you want to become a successful player. Follow all the tricks in this guide to build a better defense that is strong enough to survive the attacks of your enemies. Furthermore you will also get help on how to build a stronger team of Dragons and how to breed them correctly.

Keep your Base balanced

In War Dragons it’s the most clever to not invest all your resources into one thing. You should always keep the balance between your Defense and the Attack. This tactic requires you to invest some more resources but is also going to fasten up the progress that you do. Your goal should be to always try to have your Dragons at the maximum level possible.

For example try to unlock the red dragon as soon as your base reaches level 7 to give your Dragons more power. Below we have made a short list at what point you should unlock which type of Dragon.

  • Base Level 1~7: Red Dragon
  • Base Level 7~17: Purple Dragon
  • Base Level 17~28: Orange Dragon
  • Base Level 28~63: Green Dragon
  • Base Level 63+: Gold Dragon

Quality over Quantity for your Towers

At the beginning of War Game it will be much more useful to have just a few high levels towers than many low level ones. So before you start spreading towers over your island make sure to upgrade each one a few times before placing a new one. Try to build 3-4 key towers that are maxed out and make sure that you do not upgrade all your towers at the same time as you will be an easy target than.

Have a look at the if you want to upgrade your towers faster.

Get as much EXP as you can

Use the Daily Training Multiplier

The first 3 battles of each Dragon get’s him an additional EXP boost. You can use this boost the most efficient if you solo your opponents island. Only do this with strong dragons as you will lose too much EXP if you do not get around 80% of the base destroyed. Strong team members can also be a good help if your dragon is not strong enough to defeat the whole base on its own.

Bookmark the weakest bases

Before you start attacking a base make sure that you analyze it’s strength and find the weak points. If you do not have any problems to destroy the base make sure to bookmark it and use it as an easy EXP farming spot. Sometimes you may need to delete some of your bookmarks due to upgrades on his base. You should always look for the tower levels, how he placed them and if the island is incomplete. The more of these characteristics met with the base the easier you will have it to destroy the base.

War Dragons Gameplay

How to train your Baby Dragons?

There are two possible ways to train your baby dragons efficiently. Your baby dragons are much weaker when they just hatched than the already trained ones so make sure to not use them alone for attacks. You can place it at the beginning of the fight and swap it with another dragon directly. Another tactic is to send the baby dragon out to team joint attacks.

Place your buildings clever

Place non defense buildings close to your home base and towers. Otherwise your opponent will have a free ticket to cast his first few skills without that he took any damage. Make it as hard as possible for your enemy to generate rage as this ensures that you do not lose more buildings than you need to and resources as well.

Toy Blast Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is one of the most popular color match puzzle games. It is available via Facebook or you download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore. The controls of the game are very simple and can be learned within a few games. At the beginning Toy Blast is very simple and you should be able to finish every level. Nevertheless it gets more difficult as you play through the many different levels. Read on to get the best tips and cheats for Toy Blast!

Get as many Points as you can

Your goal is it to finish every Level in Toy Blast with three stars. To get these three stars you will have to finish the stage with a certain amount of points. These amounts can be reached easier, the more blocks you destroy with every move you do. Try to get as many special blocks as you can as these will help you to reach higher scores.

If your goal should be to collect toys in a level and you do not need the special blocks to collect it, than leave them as they will explode automatically at the end of the stage and will give you some more points. This may put you above the three star caps in some levels so always try to get as many points as you can.

How to get Lives back without waiting

There are several different ways available to get back the lives that you lost. The most simple way would be to just wait but one live will need you to wait for 30 minutes at least. Another way is to ask your Facebook friends for lives but you should not do this too often as it may annoy them.

Our favourite way to get them back is by changing the time on your smartphone or tablet. For every live that you want to recover you have to set the time 30 minutes ahead. After you changed the time, restart the game and you will see that you got all your lives back. Once they appeared on the top of your screen you can go back to the settings of your device and change the time back to normal. This does ensure that you can use the trick as often as you want and do not have to run your smartphone with the wrong time.

Toy Blast Game

Get special combo tiles

You need special tiles for nearly every level if you want to reach the three star rating. So keep an eye on the blocks and try to bring as much blocks of the same color next to each other as you can. The more blocks you destroy with a single drag the more points you get and if it is above 5 or 6 blocks you are going to get a special block. Now once you have one combo tile try to create another one next to it and combine them. Like this you are going to get the highest amount of points possible for every stage.

Toy Blast Cheats

Is a freshly released generator tool which can send Coins to your account. Since the last update of the program you became able to generate around a million coins within a few minutes. The speed of the Toy Blast Cheats is just amazing as it won’t need more than 2-3 minutes of your time.

Even better is that you do not have to invest any more real money to get coins from the in-app purchases. As some levels just can’t be completed without a little additional help. Toy Blast hack is one of the few programs that is completely free to use and also very easy to understand for unexperienced cheaters.