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Straw Poll charts

A straw poll, generally speaking, is a vote with non mandatory results. In this case, it’s the name of an online app that lets you create tiny daily polls in 140 characters or less, using your own Twitter account.
The nice thing about this app it’s that you can vote but also add your motivation: we’re beginning to feel kind of bored with anonymous polls.

Your Flowing Data

Your Flowing Data is a great online app that lets you record personal data using Twitter’s direct messagge.

The project scope is simple: if you start collecting and registering tiny facts of your life every day, later you will be able to analyze the choices and behaviours your data will reveal. There are different kinds of visualizations available: Calendar, Tree map, Cloud, Time Series.

Onehub clear pricing table


When it comes to pricing tables, it’s quite usual getting the different offerings arranged into columns, in order of increasing price from left to right.

But another quite remarkable trend in web design is slowly spreading: it consists in positioning the most relevant (according to your business) offer in the middle of the table so it creates a powerful visual simmetry that really grabs user’s attention.

Inspirational price plan table from Wufoo


Wofoo is an HTML form builder. To put it better:

a web application that removed the inefficiency and tediousness out of the form building process. Wufoo reduced what used to take days (if not weeks) by trained professionals into something that could be done by anyone in minutes.

I really like Wufoo’s brilliant pricing and signup table that I find inspirational from many points of view. Where do I start?

I loved the cartoon-ish hint conveyed by the typeface, the latin expression that entitles each pricing offer, the nice, little breadcrumbs on the top left corner, the overall friendly, not-conventional yet professional suggestion that this well designed page implies.

Useful infographics part 1

useful infographics examples

I was quite fed up with charts I’ve been drawing for the web site I’m working at, finding boring and pitiful that I had to deal with simple and non-creative forms (such as bars or pie-charts) while other designers, with less restrictions, are able to design beautiful and inspired infographics.

I’ve started dreaming about using complex visual representations you usually see on newspaper or PDF also on web sites, where real time data and pre-defined frameworks are the most common constraints.

So, while I was looking on the web for some inspiration, I’ve run into some amazing web sites dedicated to infographics that I’ll publish very soon on W&P.

For a start, I recommend you this post I’ve found on  this is only an example of what you may get!

Enjoy and be inspired.