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Fubiz inspiring gallery pagination


Fubiz is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all of us and, even if sometimes the prev/next option is a slightly off-putting tool for browsing big galleries (yes we brave internet-moles who always want to go quickly through things), we loved the unparralled simplicity of this layout.

By the way take a look at this gallery which is a series of posters minimalists designed by Albert Exergian, representing by simple symbols the most popular series TV. Amazing stuff!

Subnormality subversive menu and pagination


In the so-called normal web world a navigation menu is always supposed to precede pagination, but what normally rules in webdesign, doesn’t minimally affect Subnormality strip website.

Hope you’ll enjoy these comics with too many words and a subversive menu in it: have an inspirational reading!

Creative pagination and listing from a Saul Bass inspired Tumblr theme


How could we possibly resist to this Tumblr theme inspired by Saul Bass’ work?

Saul Bass was a notorious American graphic and logo designer, made famous by his animated motion picture title sequences and I’m quite sure you can recognize some of them here.

Bass’ spirit  it’s clearly revoked by the protruding hands, the capricious typography and by the use of pure colours.

It’s all so Hitchcock!

A blog’s typographic pagination


Mert Tol’s a creative director that runs an inspirational blog about Typography, Web Design, Advertisement and everything pertaining creativity. So this website it’s a quite useful resource in itself.

Also add the fact that its typographic driven pagination displays a clever way to incorporate in one block several elements: post date,  comments number, tags and (clearly) pagination links.

Have an inspirational day!

Bkwld’s gallery clever pagination

Bkwld's inspirational pagination

On the web, half of the job is finding out your way through a website to the seeked data, so it’s always a good web design practice helping people to get orientated, even if  it’s not strictly necessary.

I find beautiful and useful Bkwld’s gallery pagination because it provides users with an extra bit of information, offering an overview of which site’s next offer is. As you can see, when you hover with your mouse over the navigation buttons a baloon fades in, displaying next/previous item’s name.

TypeTees T-shirts pagination


If you’re a typography geek as I am, you already know it, but for those rerefied minds that didn’t have yet the pleasure to discover it, Typetees is an online shop dedicated to showcase the best typographical tees available on the web.

The tees are amazing and the overall layout feel is clean, fresh and quite agreable, with big menu tabs and a really nice pagination system on the bottom right corner that really made me chukle.

Basically, pagination is made of pictures portraying next/previous t-shirt folded: when you hover your mouse over the “view prev”/”view next” button, the t-shirt “explodes” unfolding.

Mobily’s pagination

Mobily's portfolio pagination

Mobily’s website oddly mixes main navigation (home, about me, contact) with portfolio’s pagination (previous/next).

That’s kind a strange and incorrect from a stricly functionalistic standpoint, but, being this website an one-page website, rather easy to navigate, I don’t think it’s a big deal if the designer wanted to shuffle things a little . Aside form that, the ajax horizontal sliding it’s quite enjoyable (if you don’t click too fast, otherwise it will make you feel dizzy).