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Icons in web design: a great showcase of icons, free icons for websites, avatars, pictograms, icons for social networks and many other graphics at Web & Patterns, collecting inspirational solutions for very inspired web designers.

Android, 30 free icons for developers


A nice set of 30 icons in free download, ideal for developers, with eps source included.

Here you are some details from the website:

All icons are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. Feel free to use them in any form in you projects or even remix them. No need to link back to this page, but it would be nice.

Fruttabuona: a free icons set made in Web & Patterns


Fruttabuona, which is Italian for Good Fruit, is our first free icons set.

When I first started drawing the apple, which originally was intented to be a personal avatar, I knew I wanted to do something glossy but not too shiny, with a heavy outline and a strongly circular set up. But, once I was smitten with my first one icon, I’ve kept going on drawing and here you are Fruttabuona.

The icons are available in 2 different sizes (48px, 128px) and come as transparent PNG files. You can freely use these icons for personal and non-commercial purpose.

I really hope you’ll enjoy this set as much I’ve enjoyed designing it for you.

Have an inspirational day!


App-Bits’ free Iphone icon set

App bits iphone icon free set

An awesome set of icons for Iphone has been released by App Bits in free download. Here you are some details about it:

Set of 48 toolbar icons for the iPhone toolbar. These buttons contain beautiful shaded portions to give added depth and to highlight icon features.
The icons in the preview to the left have effects such as gradients on them to reflect how they might look on an iPhone, but the downloaded icons have one colour with alpha, as recommended by Apple.

I just made love the 2.0 way

i just made love

When we first saw it, our jaws fell to the floor. Freezed, we’ve been keeping on staring at the screen, mesmerized by what our doubtful eyes were seeing.

Then we burst out laughing.

Then we started worrying about how one could possibly categorize this crazy web 2.0 app.

The quirky idea IJML (that’s our short for I Just Made Love website) grounds on, is simply showing a world map of places where people just made love. So far, so nuts.

Then when it came to put this brave concept into graphics, we think a real genius among us had been hired: each single layout’s element is so grandly kinky, so filled with sexual innuendos, so weirdly conceived that the overall result, far from being horryfying, comes off fascinating (of course in a twisted way).

There’s a glossy logo (oh so 2006!) with two rabbits and obviously they’re doing it. There’s a chromatic code used rahter consistently: guys are blue and gals are pinky. Hanged on the page’s upper right corner there’s a lingerie language menu. And this could’ve been for us far enough.

Now comes the x-rated-part. A Google map (since we’re talking of a 2.0 app we can’t help having a Google map involved) with two kind of pins:

  • #1: the rabbit-shaped pin points out the total amount of sex in a given zone (useful in case of a trip to plan, isn’t it?). You might want have more information: so you can click it and you’ll get the map zoomed-in.
  • #2: the googl-ish pin flags where the sexual intercourse took place; the blue-and-pink pin stands for straight sex, while obviously the one in a single color means gay sex. You might also want more informations about what happened (you dirty snooper!): click it and will be displayed a baloon which gives you further details about this intercourse.
    Which love-positions were taken? Was it the first time? Did they have safe sex? Any comments about it? Such intriguing and intimate details are very nicely exposed in a funny, not grossy, iconic way: and, I have to say, the kamasutra icons are really something.

So, if you’re not entertained by this silly kind of websites as much as we are, or if you didn’t even giggle about it, the same we hope you’ll have the chance to hit IJML‘s sidebar button many, many times.

Iconfinder: an icon search engine

Iconfinder: an icon search engine

I’m definitely an icon person.

I mean, I really love drawing my own icons: maybe, since I’m not a full-time icon designer, they’re not quite as perfect as those you buy on stock images websites or you can get sometimes for free online but at least they’re mine, I know how I did them and, if necessary, I can change them (see recycle them) in different contests. They’re kind of unique.

I totally agree with Verlee when she says:

I think designing icons is a discipline on its own. It’s an aspect of design that is often a bit underrated in my opinion.

Often designing a custom icon set requires time, energy, inspiration and the cost of it all has to be kept within the whole project budget, especially in these days of economic downturn. Add to this that the whole effort underlying icon design is hardly visible to most people.

But it’s absolutely worth of it.

In fact, displaying a good icon set plays a fundamental role in web design and users’ perception: an icon can activate a dumb blank space, express an idea that otherwise will require a long text explanation, being images such a concise story tellers. Images and icons as well are able to draw user’s attention or add evidence and put emphasis on texts, menus, form fields…

So if:

  • you have to be a fast delivery guy or
  • you just want to set quickly a prototype up or
  • you’re fed up with your project/client and you want to cut the chase or
  • you’re just NOT a bitter masochistic web designer as I am,

you might use some help: Iconfinder is for you.

Iconfinder is a pretty unique search engine dedicated to icons and, since it’s not exactly the new kid on the block,  many of you might already know it.  You can both search or browse for icons and almost all the results of your quest will be free for commercial use.

By the way, I find the website’s logo and the favicon really stunning.

Have an awesome day.

Virb’s fine icons

Virb's fine icons

When Virb was launched, people acclaimed it as a sort of new Myspace. Actually, time has proved it’s much more: Virb is a very smart and elegant multi-media collective purpose-built for creative people who want to share online their arts, photography, music…

Since the main audience is likely to be composed by enthusiastic and, let’s say, artistically committed users, Virb’s layout is very polished, graphics are discreet and elegantly depicted with soft and light tones so that the website’s global appeal is totally soothing and classy.

Said that, let’s speak about what I really like in Virb’s homepage: as you can see there are two sets of icons drawn in two different styles. Well I love both, but mostly I love the way they work together.

The first icon set is light blue and delicatly drawn, it does not stand out much and illustrates textual content, without overwhelming it.

The second one is really eye catchy with thicker contour lines, vibrant colors such as cyan and magenta and a touch of glossy: these icons’ duty is not of standing peacefully and quietly beside content but, on the opposite, they’re supposed to shout out loud: “Hey Folks, pay attention to this!”.

Nestingmode’s menu

Nestingmode's menu and illustrations

Nestingmode is the first-time parents’ guide for ultimate baby products.

For most of us: so far, so boring.

But what really sets this site apart from the heap of children’s related blogs and websites, is the quality of its illustrations and icons which are neatly drawn and pleasantly colourful.

The navigation menu also with its tabs, shaped as puppet toy-ish silhouettes, is really something.