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Fight for future eco footer

A plant extending out of its pot, sustains this website’s footer, underlining the organic and green inspiration of this blog.

Fight for future in fact all about environment:

an interactive online campaign dedicated to educate and create awareness on protecting and conserving the Mother Nature in the most easy and fun way. It is like a giant shopping cart that is loaded with practical information and also handsomely designed eco-friendly products to each and every one of us.

A Modern Eden footer

A Modern Eden is a website that will be launched on June, devoted to create iPhone apps for design-lover parents.
In anticipation of what you will get this summer, you can take a look at the beautiful collection of geometric animal illustrations and at the matching snake, wrapped around the website’s footer.

Sesame footer

Sesame footer

Since here (in Italy) it’s lunch-time, we’ve been quite suspiciously inspired by Sesame footer: an urban deli shop, located in Leeds (unfortunately for us), with a nice website.

Sesame grey footer includes an intricate floreal pattern with tiny magenta birds that seem to warble and trill “eat…eat...”: I think it’s definitely time for me to get out and get some food!

Have a great day.

Pampaneo footer

Il footer del portofolio di Pampaneo, studio creativo spagnolo

Pampaneo’s footer  (on the top) closes the story of two young designers, who venture on a secret mission to discover “new world of images”: the metaphor of space exploration starts from the home page and develops consistently in the web site (eg. on the header of internal pages, on the bottom).