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A funny 404 error page written on a cardboard box


Giveusalift is the name of  WRVS‘ website.

WRVS is a national charity that thinks every older person in Britain has the right to live the life they want.

Despite this serious mission, the website is really cool, with lots of nice graphics solutions and this absolutely funny 400 error message. It’s true, sense of humour never ages!

Feedly funny error page


Feedly, IMHO, it’s a must-have Firefox add-on. In substance it’s a RSS reader, based on Google reader, that makes your contents look stylish and magazine-like as if they were designed by the coolest graphic studio in town. Add to this a nice karma feature that shows you how people react to your tweets.

(Un)fortunately we haven’t seen its funny error page…until now!

PS: Obviously, in this case we can’t link directly the error page. So, this time, you’ll have to be satisfied with the app’s website link.