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Backgrounds in web design: a great showcase of simple backgrounds, patterns, seamless patterns and many other background images at Web & Patterns, collecting inspirational solutions for very inspired web designers.

Introduce Yourself

The first thing you’ll need to do, when meeting an unknown audience, is obviously to introduce yourself.
You’ll have to do it also in your website. In this case, illustrator and webdesigner Jacob Souva is introducing himself using an old photo of himself as a kid, framed by concentric circles, conveying a warm and friendly feeling.

A scrolling background working as breadcrumb trail

We’ve already showcased a few examples of one-page website design but what makes this one memorable is the little rectangular hole “cut” in the upper left corner, exposing the scrolling background and working as breadcrumb trail:
when you click on the menu, the page scrolls vertically and when it stops, the title section can be seen through this tiny window .

Feedstitch inspiring background image

It’s beautiful when background images help you to make out the meaning of websites you’re visiting, creating a nice visual experience but also providing you an information. In this case the many coloured threads woven in a tidy rope perfectly highlight the mission of FeedStitch, an online application that lets you

pull data feeds from all over the web & stitch them into a single feed of awesome.

ViXML background

ViXML background illustration

ViXML is a supposedly simple platform for interactive designers who want to create dynamic contents for Iphone apps with first-class graphics and complex scenes. That’s really great but before I knew it, I was attired by its huge website illustration, extremely rich in details, with a sort of surreal touch and a rather Gondry-ish imaginary.

The thing I love the most its the way it organically expands from left to right: couple on the boat looking at the city → city being hovered by a baloon → baloon flashing Iphone upper left corner  → Iphone screen framing the illustration itself.

Striped patterns generator

Stirpe generator: un generatore automatico di striped patterns

Stripe Generator is an ajax tool that allows you to generate striped patterns  to decorate  your web sites pages background. Numerous options provide considerable flexibility of the product, as you can see by the gallery of backgrounds shared by other users.

If it’s not enough for you, you can create patterns with a tartanTartan maker, another tool of the same family. Stripe generator è un ajax tool che permette di generare  striped patterns da usare per abbellire i background dei vostri siti web.

Pampaneo footer

Il footer del portofolio di Pampaneo, studio creativo spagnolo

Pampaneo’s footer  (on the top) closes the story of two young designers, who venture on a secret mission to discover “new world of images”: the metaphor of space exploration starts from the home page and develops consistently in the web site (eg. on the header of internal pages, on the bottom).