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10 Great Ecommerce Websites for your Christmas gifts

Christmas time is coming and since Santa last year has been quite generous with us, we think this time we could help giving him some tips.

So we’ve collected ten great online shop, with inspiring layouts too, where you may find some ideas for your gifts and some snips of beautiful web design interfaces too.

1.The Cold Feet Friend

Don’t let your friends get cold feet this year and give a look at Hunter Boots website. You will also find a nice product page with an useful magnification system.

2. Make a Designer Happy

Buy him/her something at Keep Calm Gallery (not necessarily a Keep Calm gadget, mugs are gorgeous too). The product grid is great with different available views.

3. For the Restless ones

For your restless friends, who keep on wandering all across the planet and seem never to stop, you should buy a Lonely Planet guide. It’s a good augury too. We loved as well the whole navigation system of Lonely Planet’s website: check for example the destination map page.

4. For the best Friend

At least, you have to buy two t-shirts for your best friend because Threadless tees are so cool that one is not enough. Every website’s page is quite interesting but we mostly appreciate the clearness of the checkout page.

5. A customized pair of shoes

On Nike store you can customize, with a flash tool called NikeId, colors and material of any pair of shoes and make your presents unique. That’s brilliant.

6. For the Geek ones

We know for sure there are plenty of geeks among us and obviously we are design freaks too. So we fell immediately in love with Dadadastudio‘s ecommerce website where you can buy bread shoes or pangrams bags with your favorite font on it. But hurry up cause some items are already sold out.

7. Women Only

Unfortunately. Because we think Urban Originals is a great ecommerce website with a classy palette, nice graphics, smooth Flash transitions, clean typography. Not to mention the bargains you can make there.

8. Some Friends may already have everything…

So, we’re sure they need a cargo bike to move all their stuff around. You can buy one at Madsen online shop, which, by the way, displays beautifully styled buttons.

9. Some Apple Magic won’t hurt

Could Apple Magic mouse add something to the magic of Christmas? We don’t know yet but we’re willing to give it a try. Otherwise we’ll simply enjoy the clean, light freshness of Apple Store products sheet.

10. If you still haven’t got any clue

In the end, if you didn’t get so far any clue about your Christmas presents you should give a glance at Etsy. You’ll find a ton of superb ideas browsing the vast range of this website’s categories. The navigations is basic, but clear and intuitive.

So here it ends our round-up about ecommerce websites: we really hope you’ve enjoyed our post and, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, may you all have a beautiful, peaceful, inspiring time!