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About Toy Blast and how to play it properly

Toy Blast is a popular mobile game that is played by millions of people all over the world. It is similar to Candy Crush but makes more fun to play if you would ask me. Nevertheless, you can do many mistakes while playing Toy Blast. These can lead to not being able to complete a level. In the following paragraphs, we will give you tips how you can avoid this from happening and also tell you the most important basics of the game.

What kind of game is Toy Blast?

Toy Blast is an amusing type of Puzzle-Game which features over 1000 different levels that you need to solve. Each of them differs to the previous one, so it will not get boring to play. Every time that you fail on a level you are going to lose one life. Each live needs half an hour to restore, so it can cost you much time if you run out of tries.

toy blast

How to become a better player

This is not rocket science, becoming a better player at Toy Blast can be very simple depending on what mistake you are doing. We can not guess the problems that every one of you does so we just give you a few solutions to the most famous mistakes players keep doing. If there is no solution for the problems that you are having feel free to use the contact form and write us a short message where you explain your problem with Toy Blast.

Do not make the first move that you see is possible. Try to always focus on the goals that you need to fulfill in each level. Always chose the move that you make depending on your tasks. For example, if you need to collect items. Always try to remove blocks beneath the item. As soon as the item reaches the lowest position available you will automatically collect it.

Whatever your task is you should always focus on creating special blocks and combine these cleverly to get the most number of points from each move. The more blocks you destroy, the more points you make so try to always combine three or more blocks at once.

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How to make special combos

There are three different combos possible: Rotor, Cube, and TNT. You have to combine many blocks to create such a combo block.

Rocket: You will need to combine five blocks of the same color, once you tap on them a rotor will show up which clear all blocks of the row in either the vertical or horizontal.

TNT: Needs you to combine six or seven blocks of the same color. When you use it, it is going to explode and erase all blocks that it touches.

Cube: Combine nine or more blocks of the same color to create a cube. If you combine it with a green block all of the green blocks are going to get cleared.

To get even more points combine two of these special blocks for an even more powerful combo. If you combine two cubes, all blocks will get cleared, and you get a much better score. It is highly advisable always to try to combine two of these special blocks as it is much more powerful than just using it alone.

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